Soeun Choi


MS/PhD Integrated Student, Artificial Intelligence Convergence

2023 BS in Industrial Management Engineering, Kyonggi University


  1. Accepted
    An Energy-Efficient Hardware Accelerator for On-Device Inference of YOLOX
    Kyungmi Kim , Soeun Choi , Eunkyeol Hong , Yoonseo Jang , and Jaehyeong Sim
    In 2024 21st International SoC Design Conference (ISOCC)
  2. SCIE
    Q-LAtte: An Efficient and Versatile LSTM Model for Quantized Attention-Based Time Series Forecasting in Building Energy Applications
    Jieui Kang ,  Jihye Park ,  Soeun Choi , and Jaehyeong Sim
    IEEE Access, vol.12, pp.69325-69341, 2024